Teflon Grease

Teflon Grease

Approx Price: Rs 500 / Piece 

One of our widely used products is Teflon Grease (P.T.F.E). Fabricated using only the best quality lithium complex soap thickener with synthesised hydrocarbon base fluid, this grease is a high dripping point and first-rate resistance to water washes tenacious structural stability.


  • Excellent resistance to rust, corrosion and oxidation
  • Outstanding structural stability in presence of water
  • Effective wear protection in high temperature and heavy loads conditions
  • Power-saving capabilities
  • Extended re-lubrication intervals
  • Low volatility



  • Our range is the synthetic grease that offers following advantages when compared with mineral oil grease intended for similar service.


  • These products recommended for aviation applications, which need a lubricant that can perform normal functions yet go far beyond in terms of high and low temperature and long-life performance. Our range is NLGI Grade 2 grease with the cold-temperature pumping resistance of most mineral oil NLGI Grade 0 greases. It is true wide-temperature, multi-service grease.
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