Simethicone Oil

Simethicone Oil

Approx Price: Rs 275 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the finest quality Simethicone Oil (Activated or Defoamer Oil). Used extensively in pharmaceutical and medical industries as a versatile defoamer, we manufacture our simethicone in our state of the art facility with the help of highly qualified chemists and technicians, who use only the best quality components sourced from some of the most reputed vendors.



  • 1 to 50 gms per tonne of former is sufficient to suppress low concentration foams. Furthermore, the concentration of 20 gms that can be increased or decreased as per the requirement of the user and industry requirements.

Direct Application as Supplied:

  • Our range may be used to limit foaming level in some applications like bottle filling machines, where it is used for applying to the nozzles for preventing the rise of the foam. Further, the wiped on process facilitates in suspending the foamer of the surface and rim of processing vats prevents foam from overflowing. It contacts the screen and gets broke whenever the foam rises too high.

Solvent Dispersion:

  • In some of the applications, our range is diluted with solvent and then added with foamier. This facilitates the occurrence of dispersions in butyl alcohol, toluene, xylem, kerosene, ethyl ether, chloroform and various other solvents. Comparative tests are conducted using different substances to determine the most suitable and economical diluent to use for any particular process or product. For maximum efficiency, it is preferable to use freshly prepared dispersion.



  • Adhesives: Paper coating processes
  • Agar: Paper production processes
  • Asphalt: Petroleum Pitch
  • Cutting Oils: Propane Gas
  • Detergents Soaps: Rubber Lattices
  • Fermentation Processes: Resins Varnishes
  • Filtration Processes: Salt Solutions
  • Gas Scrubbing: Steel-Pickling solutions
  • Hot Aqueous Systems: Textile Processes
  • Insecticides: Vacuum distillations
  • Oil Quench Baths: Wool Fats
  • Polishes: Wire-Drawing compounds.
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