Silicone Oil

Silicone Oil

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Kilogram 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram

Silicone Oil is a water clear silicone fluid available in viscosities ranging from 0.65 centistokes to 1,00,000 centistokes. Important features of fluid include:

  • Little change in physical properties over a wide temperature span a relative flat viscosity temperature serviceability
  • Excellent water repellency.
  • Good dielectric properties over a wide range of temperature and frequencies.
  • Low surface tension – readily wets clean surfaces to impart water.
  • repellency and release characteristics.
  • Low –toxicity – tests have established that Silicone Oil is
  • essentially Nontoxic and non-irritating (although temporary
  • discomfort may result if rubbed into the eye).


Viscosity at 25°C centistokesFlash PointSpecific Gravity at 25°CVisc- temp RcefficientReffracive index at 25°CBoiling PointElectrical strength KV,mm,measured at 1.270 mm gap on electrical grade fluid only
100303°C0.9680.61.4032%13.78 KV
200315°C0.9710.621.40312%13.78 KV
350315°C0.9720.621.40322%13.78 KV
500315°C0.9720.621.40332%13.78 KV
1000315°C0.9720.621.40352%13.78 KV
5000315°C0.9630.611.40352%14.76 KV
12500315°C0.9730.611.40352%14.76 KV
30000315°C0.9730.611.40352%14.76 KV
60000315°C0.9730.611.40352%14.76 KV
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