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Light Liquid Parafin

Light Liquid Paraffin

Light Liquid Paraffin

Approx. Rs 100 / KG

We specialise in manufacturing and supplying Light Liquid Paraffin (L.L.P). Fabricated using very high-quality raw materials, these are extensively used in various pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for making products like lotions, creams and hair oils along with numerous products of the food industry as well. Highly acknowledged for its quality and purity, our product is very much in demand in the national and international market.



Sr.No.CharacteristicsReqmts as per I.P./customer Specs Result
DescriptionTransparent, colourless, Oil Liquid Free from fluorescence by daylight Almost odourless when cold.Complies
2SolubilityComplies test
(Practically insoluble in water)
3Acidity/AlkalinityComplies testComplies
4Dynamic viscosity
at 20 °C.
25 to 80 mpas26.15
5Density at 29.5 °CBy conversion from density at Normal temperature0.822
6Weight per ml At 25 °C.0.82 to 0.88 gms.0.8238
7Light absorption0.10 Max.0.021
8Readily Carbonisable Substancesnot darker than standard solutionComplies
9Solid paraffin’s0.5 mm line visibleComplies
10Specific GravityIS: 1448
P: 21
0.825/30 °C
11Flash Point (PMCC) °CIS: 1448
P: 21
170 °C
12Kin Viscosity @ 37.8 °CIS: 1448
P: 25
13Shelf Life---2 years
14Storage ConditionNormal RoomTempreture Anywhere In India

Cutting Oil

Cutting Oil

Approx. Rs 70 / Kilogram

M.R.Silicone Industries Cutting oil is a type of lubricant used for machining and metalworking processes. It is also known as a lubricant, coolant, cutting fluid and cutting compound.

M.R.Silicone Industries cutting oil forms a milky emulsion with water and contains rust inhibitor to impart anti-rust, anti-corrosion properties and a biocide to prevent bacterial growth in the emulsion and provides longer emulsion life. It gives excellent surface finish and extended tool life. This oil has superior cooling and lubricating properties which impart excellent surface finish and minimises tool wear. For stable emulsion, oil should be added to water.


You can use cutting oil for threading machine operations. It is also good for light drilling and hacksaws.

Another function of cutting oil is for adding lubrication between the cutting tool and the cutting material. Cutting oil acts as a lubricant to prevent friction and reduce the heat that is generated between the objects being cut.

It Can be used as specific lubricants for both manual and machine metal working operations. Used for sawing, drilling, turning or thread cutting with all types of metals

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